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Sokoban GP2X is a remake of the classic Sokoban game.You as the player need to push boxes
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10 May 2008

Editor's review

Remake of any classic piece of work is reiteration of the fact that the original version was not only a huge success but also achieved a somewhat cult status in the particular field. These days when a product is proved to be a highly salable product either similar versions or prequels and sequels are made, however, the safest way to ensure success by riding at the back of the same product is to produce a remake of the same. This idea of remaking has been adopted by various forms of arts from movies to music to games to even fashion trends. Creators and producers are playing it safe and definitely it is a good policy as huge amount of money is invested in production.

Sokoban 1.0 is a remake of the classic game by the same name. The theme of the Sokoban game is very easy, the player has to place few boxes in their specific locations by pushing them. There are different levels in this game and in every level player must locate the boxes in the correct places. By placing the boxes in their correct place the player gets promoted to the next level. It is basically a Sokoban engine that has game rules and it can use level packs. The player can create his own level packs by using the Level editor. The user interface of this game is simple, easy and thus supported by any system. Graphics and menu colors of the level packs can be customized and this basic game allows the facility to perform undo of 1000 moves. Controlling of this game is easy and to top is all this game is available for free of cost.

Even though this game allows lot of liberty to the player but due to use of basic graphics this game takes time to strike a cord with the player. Thus, three star rating is perfect for this game which is neither too impressive nor too bad.

Publisher's description

Sokoban is a remake of the classic Sokoban game. You as the player need to push boxes to specific locations in the level. Once all boxes are pushed to the correct spots the level is finished. Sokoban is basically a Sokoban engine, it contains all the game rules and has the ability to use level packs. It's possible to create the level packs directly in the game using the built in Level editor. Each level pack can also have customized graphics and menu colors. The game engine also has an undo system up to 1000 moves, and can have custom 25 mod or ogg music files loaded up.
Version 1.0
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User comments

John Cook
I remember this game from my first PC, a 12 Mhz IBM 8088. It kept me up for hours as I attempted to complete the highest level. I was addicted to Sokoban then and I have just looked at it again in what must be 30 years and it is still addicting.

Enjoyable, challenging, and not one of the complex, 30 plus keystroke, memory testing monsters of today. A FUN game and quite mentally provocative in the higher levels.
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